Writing Contests for Students

The Learning Network from The New York Times hosts several writing competitions each year, including:

  • Editorial Cartoon Contest Students aged 13-19 can submit one image capturing their opinion about a topic.  Due mid-October.
  • Year in Rap Contest Individually or in groups, students can submit a 12-16 line rap capturing the news of the year.  Due mid-January.
  • Student Reviews Contest 450 words or less; reviews can be about any subject; one submission per person. Due at the end of November.
  • 15 Second Vocabulary Video Contest students aged 13-19 should create a video of 15 seconds or less, using a word from The New York Times’ vocabulary collection.  Partner and group work is permitted. Due at the end of February.
  • Student Editorial Contest In teams or as individuals, students submit an editorial up to 450 words. Students must draw on at least one source from The Times and one non-Times source. Due at the end of March.
  • Found Poetry Contest  14 lines or fewer; students may work in groups. Due at the beginning of May.
  • Summer Reading Contest Students answer the question: “What interested you most in The  Times this week. Why? Students may submit up to once a week; submissions should range from 250-300 words. Submissions accepted from mid-June through the end of August.

The Learning Network publishes a comprehensive list of contests and information at the beginning of September each year.

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