Hsilgne: Flipped Instruction in the English Classroom

Flipped instruction is everywhere these days… but how does that translate into the English classroom?  When I first learned about flipped instruction, I assumed that it was a natural fit for content-heavy courses like science and history, but I struggled to make the flip work in my English course, which centers on skills. After working […]

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Speak Up!: Authentic Book Talks

I am good at asking questions.  I’m sure a lot of you are, too.  And for most of my teaching career, I’ve actually defined my job as asking questions of my students: questions lead to connections, to critical thinking, to closer examination of one’s own ideas.   Over the last year or so, though, I’ve come […]

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Assignment Smackdown: Speech vs. Video

Having a 1:1 pilot program this year, I decided to offer two different variations of the same assignments to my 1:1 and traditional classes: one class would deliver their “This I Believe” essays as a speech; the other would make a compilation video.  Check out the results for yourself, here: After the assignment, I asked […]

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