Hsilgne: Flipped Instruction in the English Classroom

Flipped instruction is everywhere these days… but how does that translate into the English classroom?  When I first learned about flipped instruction, I assumed that it was a natural fit for content-heavy courses like science and history, but I struggled to make the flip work in my English course, which centers on skills. After working […]

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Read Less, Read More

Public Radio International reporter David Freudburg finds that “The consequences of elevated stress levels for students include massive cheating (one survey showed 9 of 10 students admit to cheating), high rates of angst and depression, abuse of ‘study drugs,’ etc.” In my own English Department, we have similar findings: students increasingly choose to read Sparknotes, […]

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How NOT to Give a Video Assignment

Making a video with an iPad is as simple as point-and-shoot, right?  After a summer playing around with my own device, and countless hours invested flipping my instruction, I certainly thought so.  That is, until I got to my 6th period English 9 class last week.  With about 20 minutes to spare in the period, […]

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