7 Ways to Use G+

Preparing for a Professional Development session this month, I’ve been compiling ways I’ve used Google+ Community discussions in my high school English classes.  Below are my top seven uses.  If you have additional suggestions, I would love to hear them and pass them along, as well. Advertisements

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When It All Comes Together…

Synchrony.  We’ve all seen it as educators.  Oftentimes, it is the “Aha!” moment when a particular concept clicks with a student.  Increasingly, though, I find that moment occurring in my classroom when students are able to make connections among texts – and between various types of media.  Perhaps that’s the result of our students’ increasingly […]

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Plus Participation: G+ Communities for In-Class Discussion

In my class this year, we’ve tried a variety of online discussion and collaboration: Google Docs, Today’s Meet and Collaborize. With this initial foray into a true social media tool using a classroom Google+ Community, I was pleased to see that students’ comments seemed more immediate and more personal than in a purely academic or […]

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