Socrative Vocab Caption Contest

My sure-fire way to bring laughter in the classroom is to bring in silly images.  Thanks, internet.  But one of the challenges of  any classroom is allowing students to quickly share the work that they’ve created, to further inform instruction and student understanding.  I’ve found that Socrative meets that need, by allowing students to share […]

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Permission to Create

Bloom’s tells us that the highest level of cognition is creation – that in order to create, we must first be able to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and synthesize.   However, in my classroom, and I would venture to say, my school site, that step of creation is viewed as far less significant than the […]

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Taking Note:

Thank god for The Simpsons.  Their 20-year run ensured that they had the chance to parody nearly everything under the sun – including The Odyssey.   With students finishing up their odyssey through the epic poem, this week, I introduced students to several contemporary allusions to the epic, including an episode from The Simpsons, the trailer from […]

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