Resources & Inspiration


Catlin Tucker, Honors English Teacher

A blog by Catlin Tucker, an Honors English teacher, and most likely, honors student herself, concerned with blended learning, mobile technology and student collaboration.

Articles of the Week

Reading and writing instruction guru Kelly Gallagher shares his Articles of the Week, nonfiction articles appropriate for high school students, to supplement fiction  in the classroom.

Mindshift by KQED

This blog, published by public radio station KQED, is dedicated to “how we will learn,” focusing on the future of education through Games & Learning, Big Ideas, Teaching Strategies, and Children & Media.

The Readiness is All

David Theriault, English teacher at Fontana Valley High School in southern California, shares his inspirational thoughts and successes on student blogging, as well as writing lessons.

I Teach. I Think.

Kevin Brookhouser, English teacher at the York School in Monterrey, California, shares resources and successes for implementing 20% time in the classroom. Also, Kevin is the master of grammar, with his witty website

Pedagogical Resources

A continually-updated collection of articles and strategies for effective pedagogy, focused on collaboration,  group work, small-group instruction, and Project-Based Learning.

Poetry Resources

A continually-updated collection of articles and strategies for teaching poetry, focused on student-centered approaches, creativity and higher-order thinking skills


Granted, and…

A blog by Understanding by Design co-author Grant Wiggins, concerned with pedagogy, accountability, and our obsession with standards.

Cycles of Learning

A blog by Ramsey Mussalam, a leading edtech guru, science teacher, and contributor to The Infinite Thinking Machine, this blog chronicles Mussalam’s successes in the classroom, as well as outlining his major pedagogical strategies behind flipped instruction, and his hacks for the classroom.


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