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Participation, or Speaking & Listening?

We all want student participation. After all, we know that students who are more engaged  are more likely to succeed in class. At a recent Humanities department meeting, this commitment to participation was clear when my colleagues shared their grading schemes. For many, participation weighed somewhere on the order of 10-25% of students’ overall grades. […]

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Speak Up!: Authentic Book Talks

I am good at asking questions.  I’m sure a lot of you are, too.  And for most of my teaching career, I’ve actually defined my job as asking questions of my students: questions lead to connections, to critical thinking, to closer examination of one’s own ideas.   Over the last year or so, though, I’ve come […]

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Want Great Slides? Peer Edit

As teachers, I think we do a lot wrong when it comes to teaching presentation skills.  We pack slides full of text, expecting a presentation to stand in for a reading assignment; we fail to cite digital images; and we read from our own slides, rather than from presenter notes.  So, when we assign student […]

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